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3/20/2017 4:10 pm
Airport Humiliation

I had a Master about 10 years ago who put me in a steel chastity device a few days before we went to Florida - I did something to deserve it but can't remember what. We got to the airport and I realized I would set off the metal detectors and begged, begged my Master to release me. He said I should listen better and he packed his keys in the checked luggage.

I went through security, alone and they took me to a small room where I had to drop my pants so they could see what was setting off the alarm. Being in panties was bad enough but showing them the chastity device made it a hundred times more humiliating.

I got our and met up with my Master, he gave me the keys and told me to take it off.


3/20/2017 11:09 pm
Wow, what a cruel Master - only just reading this makes my dick painfully hard in my cage!

JenniferSlutCD replies on 3/21/2017 8:52 am:
I wouldn't describe him as cruel -he expected total obedience and punished me whenever I disobeyed - he knew I hated being caged and, at the time, thought that was the punishment I was getting - I hadn't even considered our trip when he caged me. When we got to the airport is when I realized what the punishment really was.

3/21/2017 2:19 am
So did the security people like your panties and did they at least snicker when they saw the chastity device?

JenniferSlutCD replies on 3/21/2017 8:48 am:
They were actually very professional - there was a smile exchanged between them - I got the impression that I was not the first person they had seen like this.
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