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Group posts by Spankstoyounme
DateGroupTopic Title# Responses
Apr 20, 2017TRANNY TOWERSSome great profiles on ghis site but no-one involved?1   
Apr 20, 2017Irish BdsmHappy Easter to the Emerald Isle!1   
Apr 19, 2017Croydon - Surrey like to play?Hey folks, Spanksx needs your input!3   
Apr 18, 2017Croydon - Surrey like to play?Ok folks, here is a new one we haven't seen here before...3   
Apr 13, 2017A CD/TV/TS for STRAIGHT GUYSBeing a booty call.1   
Apr 2, 2017Croydon - Surrey like to play?Twas another great weekend!1   
Apr 1, 2017The Wild SideNew ideas for fantasies for cd/tv/tg fantasy scenes?5   
Mar 31, 2017SPANKING IN LONDONAnyone in stockings or hold-ups fancy some spank play?2   
Mar 30, 2017TRANNY TOWERSAnyone done anything interesting lately?1   
Mar 28, 2017Irish BdsmSo Hi to Eire!4   
Mar 28, 2017TS/TV DominatricesAss1   
Mar 28, 2017Croydon - Surrey like to play?Friday night cd spank fun!3   
Mar 28, 2017TS/TV DominatricesT-Venus1   
Mar 28, 2017TS/TV DominatricesJust saying Hi :)1   
Mar 28, 2017ALT SussexCome on you sexy folk!3   
Mar 28, 2017Croydon - Surrey like to play?House of Whacks fetclub in Fratton6   
Mar 26, 2017Croydon - Surrey like to play?So, do tell us all - Anonymously...2   
Mar 22, 2017OTK SpankingOTK or bondage/suspension2   
Mar 22, 2017A CD/TV/TS for STRAIGHT GUYSAnyone for spanking?6   
Mar 18, 2017The Wild SideFANTASY OUTFIT9   
Mar 18, 2017Croydon - Surrey like to play?If you enjoy this group... pictures?2   
Mar 15, 2017ALT Sussexwhere have all the fetishists/kinksters gone3   
Mar 14, 2017TRANNY TOWERSAll people and no conversation?1   
Mar 8, 2017OTK SpankingSanta said I was Naughty....3   
Mar 1, 2017A CD/TV/TS for STRAIGHT GUYSToo young?2   
Mar 1, 2017Croydon - Surrey like to play?Without wishing to boast...1   
Feb 28, 2017Croydon - Surrey like to play?So why are You here?2   
Feb 27, 2017The Wild SideAttending a fetclub2   
Feb 27, 2017SPANKING IN LONDONWhat makes a good spanker?2   
Feb 27, 2017ALT SussexTwisted Market After Party1   
Feb 24, 2017ALT SussexAnyone for spanking?2   
Feb 23, 2017OTK SpankingEveryone looks but....1   
Feb 21, 2017Croydon - Surrey like to play?Played lately?1   
Feb 20, 2017Croydon - Surrey like to play?Your fantasy?8   
Jan 31, 2017Cross Dressers & Partnerswho enjoys spanking and/or being spanked9   
Jan 31, 2017SOUTH WEST CD/TV/TS FOR MEETS!Has everyone left this group?2   
Jan 23, 2017Croydon - Surrey like to play?Apologies to you all...1   
Jan 22, 2017OTK SpankingSpanking Devices1   
Jan 21, 2017OTK Spankingout-of-the-blue spanking3   
Jan 20, 2017Croydon - Surrey like to play?Breaking news!4   
Jan 19, 2017ALT SussexNew Year Resolutions?5   
Jan 18, 2017Croydon - Surrey like to play?Scientific Proof All Doms/Dommes are Subs1   
Jan 18, 2017Croydon - Surrey like to play?None Of You Are Here2   
Jan 17, 2017Croydon - Surrey like to play?Sensual tactile fun? A vanilla Munch first and then,...2   
Jan 17, 2017Croydon - Surrey like to play?Tiny cox2   
Jan 13, 2017A CD/TV/TS for STRAIGHT GUYSI would like to know4   
Jan 13, 2017Cross Dressers & PartnersTitle of group says "partners"1   
Jan 13, 2017Tgirls who need menCD Seeks Tv/TS/TG for spank play3   
Jan 10, 2017ALT SussexSeriously!1   
Jan 9, 2017Croydon - Surrey like to play?Munch in South London?4