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Group posts by Spankstoyounme
DateGroupTopic Title# Responses
May 25, 2017Croydon - Surrey like to play?Last Night...3   
May 19, 2017The Wild SideCross dressing spank play?2   
May 11, 2017Irish BdsmToo much breath play?1   
May 9, 2017The Wild SideThe End of Alt Mail?1   
May 4, 2017SPANKING IN LONDONAnyone in stockings or hold-ups fancy some spank play?3   
Apr 28, 2017Irish BdsmTaking a couple of weeks holiday soon in Eire1   
Apr 28, 2017ALT SussexAnyone for spanking?4   
Apr 26, 2017Croydon - Surrey like to play?In the lift - my new blog1   
Apr 24, 2017Croydon - Surrey like to play?Hey folks, Spanksx needs your input!4   
Apr 20, 2017TRANNY TOWERSSome great profiles on ghis site but no-one involved?1   
Apr 20, 2017Irish BdsmHappy Easter to the Emerald Isle!1   
Apr 18, 2017Croydon - Surrey like to play?Ok folks, here is a new one we haven't seen here before...3   
Apr 13, 2017A CD/TV/TS for STRAIGHT GUYSBeing a booty call.1   
Apr 2, 2017Croydon - Surrey like to play?Twas another great weekend!1   
Apr 1, 2017The Wild SideNew ideas for fantasies for cd/tv/tg fantasy scenes?5   
Mar 30, 2017TRANNY TOWERSAnyone done anything interesting lately?1   
Mar 28, 2017Irish BdsmSo Hi to Eire!4   
Mar 28, 2017TS/TV DominatricesAss1   
Mar 28, 2017Croydon - Surrey like to play?Friday night cd spank fun!3   
Mar 28, 2017TS/TV DominatricesT-Venus1   
Mar 28, 2017TS/TV DominatricesJust saying Hi :)1   
Mar 28, 2017ALT SussexCome on you sexy folk!3   
Mar 28, 2017Croydon - Surrey like to play?House of Whacks fetclub in Fratton6   
Mar 26, 2017Croydon - Surrey like to play?So, do tell us all - Anonymously...2   
Mar 22, 2017OTK SpankingOTK or bondage/suspension2   
Mar 22, 2017A CD/TV/TS for STRAIGHT GUYSAnyone for spanking?6   
Mar 18, 2017The Wild SideFANTASY OUTFIT9   
Mar 18, 2017Croydon - Surrey like to play?If you enjoy this group... pictures?2   
Mar 15, 2017ALT Sussexwhere have all the fetishists/kinksters gone3   
Mar 14, 2017TRANNY TOWERSAll people and no conversation?1   
Mar 8, 2017OTK SpankingSanta said I was Naughty....3   
Mar 1, 2017A CD/TV/TS for STRAIGHT GUYSToo young?2   
Mar 1, 2017Croydon - Surrey like to play?Without wishing to boast...1   
Feb 28, 2017Croydon - Surrey like to play?So why are You here?2   
Feb 27, 2017The Wild SideAttending a fetclub2   
Feb 27, 2017SPANKING IN LONDONWhat makes a good spanker?2   
Feb 27, 2017ALT SussexTwisted Market After Party1   
Feb 23, 2017OTK SpankingEveryone looks but....1   
Feb 21, 2017Croydon - Surrey like to play?Played lately?1   
Feb 20, 2017Croydon - Surrey like to play?Your fantasy?8   
Jan 31, 2017Cross Dressers & Partnerswho enjoys spanking and/or being spanked9   
Jan 31, 2017SOUTH WEST CD/TV/TS FOR MEETS!Has everyone left this group?2   
Jan 23, 2017Croydon - Surrey like to play?Apologies to you all...1   
Jan 22, 2017OTK SpankingSpanking Devices1   
Jan 21, 2017OTK Spankingout-of-the-blue spanking3   
Jan 20, 2017Croydon - Surrey like to play?Breaking news!4   
Jan 19, 2017ALT SussexNew Year Resolutions?5   
Jan 18, 2017Croydon - Surrey like to play?Scientific Proof All Doms/Dommes are Subs1   
Jan 18, 2017Croydon - Surrey like to play?None Of You Are Here2   
Jan 17, 2017Croydon - Surrey like to play?Sensual tactile fun? A vanilla Munch first and then,...2