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Group posts by TieYouSpredNaked
DateGroupTopic Title# Responses
May 24, 2018Erotic Electrical Playnew toys any ideas how to help me have some major orgasms?1   
May 15, 2018Men who love to lick pussy !"Pussy" Or "Cunt"6   
May 10, 2018REAL MEETINGS IN MACOMB COUNTYSeeking MY Sex Slave1   
May 9, 2018Macomb Gang And TortureCNC Forced Sex And BDSM Play7   
May 9, 2018Tied up and fucked?My Home Bondage Frame For CNC Tied Up And Fucked BDSM Play8   
May 9, 2018Enemas for pain or pleasure.medical laxatives1   
May 9, 2018Anal SlutsSavoring Anal Sex5   
May 8, 2018Doctor Patient Exam RoomLet's Revive This Group!5   
May 8, 2018Erotic Electrical PlayCurious5   
May 1, 2018Medical Examsoragasm during enema?5   
May 1, 2018cunt-spanking and whippingCunt Spanking And Whipping In Metro Detroit Area6   
Apr 30, 2018MICHIGAN ENEMA SEXHow Do You Like Your Enema Play?6   
Apr 24, 2018Macomb Area for Kinky PlayLet's Revive This Group!14   
Apr 23, 2018cunt-spanking and whipping"Pussy" Or "Cunt"9   
Apr 22, 2018Anal SlutsMy New Bumpy Enema Nozzle3   
Apr 20, 2018Anal Discipline & PunishmentCaning A Submissive's Spread Butt Crack And Anus15   
Apr 17, 2018forced sex roleplayForced Sex Roleplay with Bondage5   
Apr 12, 2018cunt-spanking and whippingI'm still here1   
Apr 8, 2018Erotic Electrical PlayNipple And Clit Suction Electro Play10   
Apr 7, 2018cunt-spanking and whippinglove pussy2   
Apr 6, 2018Enemas for pain or pleasure.Several Punishment Enemas Needed & Wanted Near Buffalo NY Area1   
Apr 5, 2018Anal Discipline & PunishmentAbout BLOGS5   
Mar 30, 2018Enemas for pain or pleasure.Bulb Syringe Enemas16   
Mar 21, 2018women who want a domlooking for a dom/master1   
Mar 21, 2018Oakland County BDSMLet's Revive This Group!1   
Mar 21, 2018Real Players for Hook UP!action????????3   
Mar 21, 2018Clit Torturewanted someone that wants to destroy my ability to orgasam3   
Mar 21, 2018Michigan Anal Sex ClubElectro Buttplug Play8   
Mar 21, 2018REAL MEETINGS IN MACOMB COUNTYHello Everyone4   
Mar 21, 2018Doctor Patient Exam Roomwas masturbated by doctor2   
Mar 21, 2018midwest /gang bang fantasySex Slave Attire3   
Mar 21, 2018Midwest gangbang/ fantasyTied Spread Naked4   
Mar 21, 2018cunt-spanking and whippingA mistress looking for Slave enjoy painful1   
Mar 21, 2018~~~ Slave Market ~~~About Consensual Sexual "Slavery"4   
Mar 20, 2018Medical ExamsBDSM "Medical Exams"4   
Mar 20, 2018MICHIGAN ENEMA SEXIf anyone reads this let me know6   
Mar 20, 2018Clit TortureElectro Suction Clit Torture12   
Mar 20, 2018Enemas for pain or pleasure.The trickle enema punishment1   
Mar 20, 2018Anal SlutsVirgin1   
Mar 20, 2018Anal Discipline & PunishmentCNC Bondage Enema "Funishment"5   
Mar 20, 2018Fantasy gang CNC BDSM Forced Sex10   
Mar 14, 2018Macomb Gang And TortureSubmissive Or Sex Slave?3   
Mar 13, 2018Fantasy gang Is there a difference between gang and gang bang?6   
Mar 4, 2018Anal Discipline & PunishmentButt plug7   
Mar 3, 2018Michigan Anal Sex ClubBDSM Or Erotic Enemas?2   
Mar 2, 2018MICHIGAN ENEMA SEXForced Enema Expulsions6   
Mar 1, 2018Erotic Electrical PlayVaginal Electrotorture11   
Feb 28, 2018Erotic Electrical PlayGroup Participation4