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Group posts by TieYouSpredNaked
DateGroupTopic Title# Responses
Mar 14, 2018Macomb Gang And TortureSubmissive Or Sex Slave?3   
Mar 13, 2018Fantasy gang Is there a difference between gang and gang bang?6   
Mar 13, 2018Anal Discipline & PunishmentCNC Bondage Enema "Funishment"4   
Mar 13, 2018Anal SlutsMy New Bumpy Enema Nozzle1   
Mar 4, 2018Anal Discipline & PunishmentButt plug7   
Mar 3, 2018Michigan Anal Sex ClubBDSM Or Erotic Enemas?2   
Mar 2, 2018MICHIGAN ENEMA SEXIf anyone reads this let me know5   
Mar 2, 2018MICHIGAN ENEMA SEXForced Enema Expulsions6   
Mar 1, 2018Erotic Electrical PlayVaginal Electrotorture11   
Feb 28, 2018Erotic Electrical PlayGroup Participation4   
Feb 24, 2018cunt-spanking and whipping"Pussy" Or "Cunt"8   
Feb 24, 2018REAL MEETINGS IN MACOMB COUNTYHello Everyone3   
Feb 20, 2018Michigan Anal Sex ClubElectro Buttplug Play7   
Feb 17, 2018Enemas for pain or pleasure.Enema Nozzles12   
Feb 10, 2018Erotic Electrical PlayWhat Sex Is The Most Fun To Electrotorture?4   
Feb 10, 2018Erotic Electrical PlayMale Electrode Positions?16   
Feb 10, 2018Macomb Gang And TortureStripping A Sex Slave Naked For The First Time5   
Feb 10, 2018cunt-spanking and whippingCunt And Breast Flogging6   
Feb 10, 2018Clit TortureElectro Suction Clit Torture11   
Feb 2, 2018forced sex roleplayForced Sex Roleplay with Bondage3   
Feb 2, 2018Erotic Electrical PlayWhat Sex Is The Most Fun To Electrotorture?1   
Jan 31, 2018Erotic Electrical PlayWhat is your favorite TENS unit?2   
Jan 30, 2018Macomb Area for Kinky PlayLet's Revive This Group!12   
Jan 30, 2018Anal Discipline & PunishmentBulb Syringe Enemas8   
Jan 29, 2018Enemas for pain or pleasure.Bulb Syringe Enemas15   
Jan 28, 2018Enemas for pain or pleasure.Predicament Enema Situation3   
Jan 28, 2018Enemas for pain or pleasure.Best Bulb Enema Syringe11   
Jan 20, 2018Enemas for pain or pleasure.Forced Enema Expulsions10   
Jan 19, 2018Anal Discipline & PunishmentElectro Buttplug Play13   
Jan 16, 2018Michigan Anal Sex ClubI Love A Tight Anus6   
Jan 10, 2018Anal Discipline & PunishmentIvory Soap Buttplug Punishment30   
Jan 10, 2018Anal Discipline & Punishment"Submissive" Or "Sex Slave"3   
Jan 9, 2018Doctor Patient Exam RoomExperienced Detroit Michigan Man5   
Jan 9, 2018Michigan Anal Sex ClubLooking for a tight female ass in MI5   
Jan 9, 2018midwest /gang bang fantasySex Slave Attire2   
Jan 8, 2018Anal Discipline & PunishmentHow would you punish this?9   
Jan 4, 2018Erotic Electrical PlayElectro Suction Clit Torture9   
Jan 3, 2018Anal SlutsSavoring Anal Sex4   
Dec 31, 2017cunt-spanking and whippingHappy New Year!1   
Dec 30, 2017cunt-spanking and whippingCunt Spanking And Whipping In Metro Detroit Area3   
Dec 25, 2017cunt-spanking and whippingThe lost art of Pussy Whipping and Spanking4   
Dec 25, 2017Macomb Gang And TortureMerry Christmas!1   
Dec 20, 2017midwest /gang bang fantasyThe Best Bondage Position For CNC Forced Sex1   
Dec 15, 2017Men who love to lick pussy !"Pussy" Or "Cunt"4   
Dec 15, 2017Men who love to lick pussy !"Pussy" Or "Cunt"4   
Dec 13, 2017cunt-spanking and whippingGetting the room going again8