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Group posts by FuckMyAssHardnOf
DateGroupTopic Title# Responses
Apr 22, 2018Fat pig slut loversOnline pig wanted1   
Apr 22, 2018Transgender Support and AdviceThe Welcome Mat1   
Apr 22, 2018Anal SlutsMy New Bumpy Enema Nozzle1   
Apr 21, 2018human cowsfull udders for farmer2   
Apr 21, 2018human cowsRequired post1   
Apr 20, 2018Anal SlutsAlbany,Oregon Hung Males For My BBW Slut's Ass2   
Apr 19, 2018Knot Loving LadiesThe full knot1   
Mar 12, 2018Submissives Seeking DommesRequired posting1   
Mar 12, 2018human cowsmaso cow for use and breeding1   
Oct 16, 2017KR's Ranch and Stockyardsjust a quick thought1   
Aug 15, 2017Humiliated White Slaves/SubsNew to group1   
Aug 14, 2017Sugar's Forced Breeding BarnFTF Problems (Failure to Fuck)1   
Aug 12, 2017KR's Ranch and StockyardsWelcome and introduction time1   
Aug 12, 2017KR's Ranch and StockyardsSlave attire and safe word1   
Aug 12, 2017Sugar's Forced Breeding BarnBreeding2   
Aug 12, 2017human cowsRoll Call(City/state/country)2   
Aug 4, 2017Double PenetrationWashington State Cock for your holes1   
Jul 28, 2017Slave Auctions Meat MarketSlave Auction1   
Jul 23, 2017human cowsmilk cows needed2   
Jul 23, 2017Kennel & CagesLooking for my first knotting experience2   
Jul 22, 2017CRUEL TORTURE & FORCED COLLARforced collar?1   
Jul 22, 2017Knot Loving LadiesMaryland Real Time Kennels?1   
Jul 19, 2017Fat pig slut loversBig bellies3   
Jul 16, 2017Fat pig slut loversBBW / SSBBW Wanted for USE1   
Jul 13, 2017CRUEL TORTURE & FORCED COLLARLove to be used and humiliated1   
Jul 13, 2017Cocksuckers CentralWhere Are The Cock Sucking Trannies At1   
Jul 13, 2017Fuck my ass please!In PDX Oregon1   
Jul 13, 2017CRUEL TORTURE & FORCED COLLARHello new slave for collar2   
Jul 11, 2017Fat pig slut loversFat pig arses1   
Jul 11, 2017Fat pig slut loversRequired post1   
Jul 11, 2017CRUEL TORTURE & FORCED COLLARSeek whore for use and abuse1   
Jul 11, 2017Fat pig slut loversFat pig for use1   
Jul 11, 2017Fat pig slut loversNASTY FAT PIG ROOM SLUTS WANTED!!!!!!!!1   
Jul 3, 2017human cowsCows showing off there udders and farmers rating there pics1   
Jul 3, 2017human cowsseem i need too1   
Jul 3, 2017human cowsAvailable Hucows and Farmers1   
Jul 1, 2017ANAL GANGBANGSlove anal gaping gang bang parties2   
May 30, 2017Kinky BastardsBull Dom1   
May 30, 2017human cowsWould you take a man and make him into a hucow. milk him for sperm. and make him take a bull?1   
May 30, 2017Doggie style loversTime to speak up?1   
May 30, 2017human cowscows not real HUMEN are behaving like COWS1   
Mar 26, 2017Cunt DegradationShe1   
Mar 26, 2017human cowsMilking table1   
Mar 6, 2017ANAL GANGBANGSgang on me3   
Mar 6, 2017Butt PlugsLooking for female butt sluts in Portland/Vancouver area...1   
Feb 27, 2017Gay Anal Domination in publicWould like to find a gay club where you can enjoy being on stage1   
Feb 27, 2017human cowsRequired post1   
Feb 26, 2017human cowsneeding huge udders1   
Feb 26, 2017Gay Anal Domination in publicSex in public whats your position?1