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Group posts by DarkSceptor
DateGroupTopic Title# Responses
Apr 14, 2017ADOMIS4U2-HOME-STONESlave vs. Kajira2   
Apr 7, 2017cunt-spanking and whippingBig Pussy Lips1   
Apr 6, 2017Le Salut FemelleAnyone listen to new metal/rock?2   
Apr 1, 2017ADOMIS4U2-HOME-STONEGreetings2   
Mar 31, 2017Knot Loving Ladiesfor the sake of humiliation or pure passion /1   
Mar 31, 2017ADOMIS4U2-HOME-STONERecognizing red flags1   
Mar 26, 2017Le Salut FemellePink Floyd2   
Mar 26, 2017Le Salut FemelleTop Rock Bands...YOUR Top 101   
Mar 26, 2017Le Salut FemelleBest Guitarist1   
Mar 23, 2017cunt-spanking and whippingMy first time1   
Mar 23, 2017Knot Loving LadiesQUESTION: About the knot...6   
Mar 22, 2017Knot Loving LadiesAn imagined birthday gift2   
Mar 22, 2017Knot Loving LadiesSo long ago and yet like yesterday4   
Mar 21, 2017cunt-spanking and whippingCunt And Clit Electrotorture1   
Mar 21, 2017Knot Loving LadiesSHARE A MEMORY: The first time I was knotted...1   
Mar 3, 2017OTK SpankingSpanking Devices1