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Group posts by brat304
DateGroupTopic Title# Responses
Mar 7, 2018human cowsBest Milking Website??1   
Mar 7, 2018ass trainingTraining for my ass2   
Mar 4, 2018OTK SpankingSpanking Devices1   
Mar 4, 2018Tit LoversRequired post1   
Mar 4, 2018Enemas for pain or pleasure.The trickle enema punishment2   
Mar 4, 2018Knot Loving Ladiesanimals1   
Mar 4, 2018Anal SlutsProstate Exam...?1   
Mar 4, 2018Anal Discipline & PunishmentCNC Bondage Enema "Funishment"2   
Mar 4, 2018Kennel & CagesKnotty knotty Bitch6   
Mar 4, 2018Forced feminisationback to the group1   
Mar 4, 2018TPE: Consensual SlaveryHow many on here Really want a TPE?2   
Mar 4, 2018Caged..Leashed..Kenneledpost to keep active2   
Jan 26, 2018Kennel & CagesBest experience1   
Jan 20, 2018human cowshere1   
Jan 20, 2018Michigan Anal Sex ClubI Love A Tight Anus1   
Jan 9, 2018Enemas for pain or pleasure.I consider it as douching1   
Jan 9, 2018Knot a DreamI am not here to chat about my experiences2   
Dec 14, 2017true knot loversfine .... just .... fine1   
Dec 14, 2017human cowsmaso cow for use and breeding1   
Dec 14, 2017human cowsnew cow1   
Dec 14, 2017Anal SlutsMerry Christmas everybody. Does anyone out there want to meet and play?1   
Nov 23, 2017Michigan Anal Sex ClubDildoe Enema Nozzles1   
Nov 23, 2017ANAL GANGBANGSlove anal gaping gang bang parties2   
Nov 23, 2017Sub males for Dom femalesLicking her clean after sex1   
Nov 18, 2017KnottingKnotting group and chat rooms seem to be gone......2   
Nov 16, 2017human cowsI have found something quicker than whipping (endtie)1   
Nov 16, 2017true knot lovershi2   
Nov 16, 2017Enemas for pain or pleasure.Water And Power Magazine4   
Nov 16, 2017WARM AND SOAPEYAny E-mates in West Michigan?3   
Nov 14, 2017adult bookstore / peep boothspost1   
Nov 9, 2017Knottinghi1   
Nov 8, 2017Grandma Is a SlutGrandma's Kinky Bucket List1   
Nov 4, 2017KnottingNew member1   
Nov 4, 2017OTK SpankingEveryone looks but....1   
Nov 4, 2017ANAL GANGBANGShi1   
Nov 4, 2017Erotic Electrical PlayElectro Buttplug "Torture"2   
Oct 27, 2017adult bookstore / peep boothshello group1   
Oct 23, 2017Anal Discipline & PunishmentButt plug4   
Oct 23, 2017human cowsAre there any Hucow farmers in the UK3   
Oct 23, 2017Enemas for pain or pleasure.Enema friends with dirty minds1   
Oct 23, 2017adult theater/ gang bangswondering who is going to show me how this room really is2   
Oct 23, 2017Anal SlutsSavoring Anal Sex2   
Oct 23, 2017adult bookstore / peep boothsrequired post1   
Oct 5, 2017Knot Loving Ladiesso curious1   
Sep 26, 2017Tit Loverswth1   
Sep 26, 2017ANAL GANGBANGSAnal Gangbang3   
Sep 26, 2017human cowsRequired post1   
Sep 26, 2017Caged..Leashed..KenneledRequired Post1