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Group posts by brat304
DateGroupTopic Title# Responses
Jun 28, 2017Caged..Leashed..Kenneledunderstanding pet behaviours3   
Jun 28, 2017Erotic Electrical PlayMale Electrode Positions?1   
Jun 28, 2017Knot Loving KuntsKnotty snapchat1   
Jun 28, 2017OTK SpankingI've been a bad girl1   
Jun 28, 2017Tit LoversHow do you like to see tits presented?1   
Jun 28, 2017Anal Discipline & PunishmentHow would you punish this?3   
Jun 28, 2017Kennel & CagesKnotty knotty Bitch1   
Jun 28, 2017Brutal online fantasiesFuck my cunt ..1   
Jun 23, 2017Caged..Leashed..KenneledDog collars1   
Jun 23, 2017ANAL GANGBANGSAnal Gangbang2   
Jun 23, 2017SCAT LOVERSpost2   
Jun 23, 2017ANAL GANGBANGSlove anal gaping gang bang parties1   
Jun 22, 2017Tit Loversanyone not like tits1   
Jun 22, 2017Kennel & Cagesit was right in the being it should be now as well1   
Jun 22, 2017Enemas for pain or pleasure.would you enjoy1   
Jun 20, 2017Knot Loving KuntsReady for a first try1   
Jun 20, 2017ANAL GANGBANGSI never been gagbang1   
Jun 20, 2017human cowsrequired post1   
Jun 15, 2017Erotic Electrical PlayFour Channel Tens Unit1   
Jun 15, 2017human cowsHello Sirs, Im back and aching to be used.1   
Jun 15, 2017Rimming Ass licking Anal Playtounge fucking1   
Jun 15, 2017true knot loversgoing to look at a male pup for sale8   
Jun 15, 2017Tit LoversShow your tits2   
Jun 15, 2017true knot loversRequired post2   
May 31, 2017human cowsI Wonder1   
May 31, 2017human cowsInitial Post1   
May 25, 2017Knot Loving KuntsJust Saying: Hello1   
May 23, 2017adult bookstore / peep boothsdo people feel sexy at bookstores1   
May 14, 2017Anal Discipline & PunishmentButt plug1   
May 13, 2017Anal Discipline & PunishmentIvory Soap Buttplug Punishment2   
May 13, 2017Enemas for pain or pleasure.Banana Dare3   
May 13, 2017human cowsDrinking Hucow milk1   
May 13, 2017Anal SlutsPumping My Fat Nips and Milking My Prostate4   
May 12, 2017Forced feminisation***MEMBER ROLL CALL***2   
May 12, 2017Brutal online fantasiesSeeking a need to be used in every hole by force1   
May 12, 2017adult bookstore / peep boothsGLORYHYOLE AND VIDEOBOOTH SLUTS WANTED!!!!!!1   
May 12, 2017Knot Loving Kuntsrequired post2   
May 12, 2017human cowshi All1   
May 12, 2017Anal Discipline & PunishmentClothespins...?2   
May 12, 2017adult theater/ gang bangsShould I?2   
May 12, 2017Enemas for pain or pleasure.Bulb Syringe Enemas2   
May 12, 2017Kennel & CagesLive Shows14   
May 12, 2017Erotic Electrical PlayElectro Buttplug "Torture"1   
May 10, 2017Anal Discipline & PunishmentGINGER ROOT1   
May 10, 2017human cowsrequired post1   
May 9, 2017Knot Loving KuntsCD wishes to make videos1   
May 9, 2017Caged..Leashed..KenneledBeing a bitch1   
May 9, 2017true knot loversNew knotty young kinksters1   
May 9, 2017HerMastersbitchbitch's branding update1   
May 9, 2017human cowsCows you'd like to milk2