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Group posts by cpl_bicornu
DateGroupTopic Title# Responses
Nov 15, 2017Cunt DegradationCunt or Cunt1   
Nov 15, 2017Cunt Degradationuse me ad show me what i am worth10   
Nov 11, 2017WHITE SLUTS FOR BLACK COCKRequired Post1   
Oct 27, 2017WHITE SLUTS FOR BLACK COCKrequired post1   
Oct 3, 2017 the shit outt of herRequired Post2   
Sep 15, 2017Cunt DegradationDegrade3   
Sep 10, 2017 the shit outt of herRequired post1   
Sep 10, 2017 the shit outt of herok...1   
Sep 2, 2017 the shit outt of herLooking for cunt to use and abuse4   
Aug 11, 2017adult theater/ gang bangsLadies have you been yet? What is your story?5   
Aug 4, 2017Extreme Consensual AbuseOwner looking for slave.3   
Aug 3, 2017 the shit outt of herfantasy or reality2   
Aug 2, 2017TabooTopicsAirdrie or Calgary.1   
Aug 2, 2017Slave Auctions Meat MarketSlave Auction2   
Jul 29, 2017Slave Auctions Meat MarketI want to buy a female sex slave to use.2   
Jul 20, 2017Cunt DegradationKnow your place2   
Jul 19, 2017 the shit outt of herrequired post1   
Jul 13, 2017Less Than HumanMilk a hucow1   
Jul 6, 2017 the shit outt of herlooking for victims in Canada1   
Jun 22, 2017Cunt DegradationHow would u degrade me1   
Jun 22, 2017 the shit outt of herA problem!1   
Jun 22, 2017Extreme taboo no limitswell raised nasty always wet cunt needed1   
Jun 13, 2017Sugar's Forced Breeding BarnBreeding2   
Jun 13, 2017Sugar's Forced Breeding BarnLingerie, Hose, Heels, Makeup3   
May 26, 2017 the shit outt of herrequired post4   
May 26, 2017Brutal Fucking NO SAFETYAnyone in Calgary or Airdrie.1   
May 18, 2017Brutal Fucking NO SAFETYmy required post1   
May 18, 2017WHITE SLUTS FOR BLACK COCKCum Dump1   
May 18, 2017WHITE SLUTS FOR BLACK COCKHard Use1   
May 11, 2017Extreme Consensual AbuseSluts in Chicago area1   
May 6, 2017Cuckold HumiliationUK Bull seeking cuckhold couple for humiliation !4   
Apr 16, 2017Red's Whore HouseNew to room looking for horny ladies1   
Apr 13, 2017 the shit outt of herrequired post2   
Apr 8, 2017Brutal Fucking NO SAFETYrequired post1   
Apr 7, 2017Cuckold HumiliationFor the husband whose wife is suprised3   
Apr 6, 2017WHITE SLUTS FOR BLACK COCKLooking for breeding by BBC1   
Mar 30, 2017Cunt DegradationPlease humiliate me1   
Mar 25, 2017Cunt DegradationShe1   
Mar 25, 2017Brutal Fucking NO SAFETYLooking in NE IN1   
Mar 22, 2017WHITE SLUTS FOR BLACK COCKHow sadistic you can be to sluts ?1   
Mar 15, 2017Extreme Consensual AbuseAre there any sluts wanting abuse in the Milwaukee/Kenosha area?2   
Feb 9, 2017Cunt Degradationproper use ?2   
Feb 3, 2017adult theater/ gang bangsGangbang Near Central PA1   
Jan 21, 2017 the shit outt of herany woman wishing to be r**** in canada?1   
Jan 21, 2017Cuckold HumiliationN. Calif Playdoc and Bull Welcomes Hearing From Cuckold Couples1   
Jan 21, 2017Cunt DegradationRoom Whores1   
Dec 29, 2016 the shit outt of herdrunk wife1   
Dec 14, 2016Brutal Fucking NO SAFETYLegs are spread wide, door is unlocked.....1   
Dec 14, 2016Cunt Degradationworthless cunts wanted8   
Nov 25, 2016Sugar's Forced Breeding Barnto be bred4